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Beaches of Gujarat

Idyllic Beaches of Gujarat with graceful palm trees sway in tune with the ever-changing sea winds. Sands vary in texture and range in colour from golden to gray to silver on the Beaches of Gujarat where foam topped surf breakers come thundering in. Beaches of Guajrat also offer a view of glorious, magnificent sunset. All these-and more-are part of the rich coastal legacy of Gujarat.

Ahmedpur Mandvi Beach

Located in Gujarat at around 288 kms away from Ahmedabad. Across the bridge from Ahmedpur Mandvi, Diu Island comes as a real, pleasant surprise.

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15 Days/14 Nights

West India has a fascinating variety of landscapes, superb beaches linked with Bollywood, plethora of monuments of age old civilization .
It lies just a few minutes offshore from the mainland of Gujarat, yet has retained the feel of an island in the Mediterranean. The beach is white and firm, ideal for walks, and the water perfect for swimming. A variety of Water sports options are on offer-water scooting, skiing, surfing, para sailing, and speedboating.

Chorwad Beach

Once the royal summer retreat of the pleasure-loving Nawabs of Junagarh, the imposing Chorwad Palace and the lovely expanse of beach before it combine to make Chorwad unique. Today, Chorwad lays claim to being India's only beach palace resort-the piece de resistance of Gujarat's beaches. Visitors who are interested in swimming usually cross the fishermen's jetty and walk across to another beach where the sea is not as rough as on the seafront spread before the palace. But the majority of visitors to Chorwad are content to let the water lap gently against their toes and surrender themselves to the magical royal quality of the sands of Chorwad.

Beaches of Surat

The city of Surat is situated on the bank of river Tapi in the western Indian state of Gujarat. A number of interesting beaches are scattered around the port city of Surat. Dumas (16 kilometers) and Hajira (28 kilometers) are the most popular. The beaches around Surat are 'exclusive'-each one of them a charmed place where it is easy to lose one's heart to seaside sunrises and sunsets of exquisite beauty. Lying on the Beaches of Gujaratsoft sands kissed by the golden sun with the blue sky above and the haunting sound of the sea in one's ears can be a powerfully evocative experience in which one can absorb the trinity of land, sea and sky in a rare, wonderful unison.

Veraval Beach

Near Somnath, along the coast at Veraval, as you approach the old town, are long stretches of grey sand beaches which are now attracting those who are on the look out for off-beat beaches.

Somnath Beach

Home to one of the 12 Jyotirlingas of India, the temple city of Somnath or Prabhas Patan is situated in the state of Gujarat on the Arabian Sea. Just behind the Ahilyabai temple is the Somnath beach with pleasant sands, great sea view, camel and pony rides, coconut stalls, and snack shops.

Porbandar Beach

Porbandar is situated along the Arabian Sea in Gujarat. Famous as the birthplace of Mahatma Gandhi, the city is well connected to the other parts of the country by rail, road, and air. Despite its glorious sunsets, fashionable esplanade and delicious sea food in the restaurants, tourist bungalow and hotels running along the sea front, the Chowpatty beach at Porbandar is primarily for those who are not too fastidious about beaches.

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